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My thoughts


Recently, I was on a job interview and had a small talk in English. Unfortunatelly, my skill of English is average. I got a simple question and I didn’t know what I had to say. When I’m reading some article written in English, I understand this text in majority, the same as I’m listening to English songs. My problem is a casually talking in English. Fot a long time I not attended on a English classes. My skill of English go down constantly.


I decide to work at this skill oneself. I’ll write this blog in English. I think that my knowledge of English vocabulary will be extending. I hope that my writing won’t scare you out. Please, forgive me my mistake. Furthermore, I’m going to more reading  and generally I’ll be learn more. My problem is prepositions. I always make a mistake on this.


My project on „Get Noticed” contest changed a technology.  Originally, I wanted write my application in Java, but I make a decision that I write on C#. I discovered ASP.NET and loved this. My enterprise increase by Registration panel and Login panel. I  create a database which stored data to log in. I have a problem, because records in database is not unique. I need to changed this.